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Decorative & Privacy Film

Many glazed areas lead to unwanted prying eyes, or clear vision to an unsightly area. Privacy films offer an inexpensive yet highly effective solution to such problems and eliminate the need to replace windows for solid walls or introduce other costly solutions such as privacy blinds etc.

Our privacy films are available in many colours and densities, from 100% privacy and light free to more subtle and attractive sandblast and etched effect films which allow a high amount of light through – but not prying eyes!

Frosted window film is the most popular of all our privacy films. It’s translucent appearance lets lots of natural light pass through whilst stopping vision 24 hours a day.


Applied as an all-over cover or produced as computer-cut design
– simple or as creative as you can imagine

decandpriv03 (1).png

Vision or safety strips – bands, circles or an adaption of your logo

DSC04086_thumb (1).jfif

Privacy screens lend themselves to larger graphic designs or once again, your company logo​​

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