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Solar Control Film

Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting is an excellent way to provide an elegant look to your office building, retail store, hotel chain or restaurant regardless of architectural design. Our commercial window films are available in a wide variety of colours, shades and performance levels enabling you to coordinate the film to the building’s interior or exterior for a more contemporary look.



Increases Efficiency and Comfort

Commercial window films correct temperature imbalances between the buildings' sunny and shaded areas. Comfort levels will be significantly improved with the reduction of uncomfortable hot spots and annoying glare. Employees will appreciate working in a more comfortable environment.

Reducing Fading

The sun’s ultraviolet light is a major contributor to the fading of draperies, carpets, furnishing and storefront display items. Architectural window films block out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. Your furniture, draperies and carpet fade less and last longer.

Increased Safety

Commercial window films provide the look of expensive tinted glass with added shatter resistance. In the case of an accident the glass is more likely to stay in place because of the strong adhesive system bonding the film to glass, reducing the risk of glass related injury.

Residential Window Tinting

There are a number of improvements you can do to make your home both more efficient and comfortable. For example: increasing insulation, installing ceiling fans or an energy efficient heating and cooling system. However, did you know that one of the most cost effective things you can do is install residential window film? It makes homes in all climates more efficient and more comfortable year-round. It reduces harmful ultraviolet rays, glare, fading, and hot spots. It also increases privacy, safety and efficiency. It really is the best thing you can do for your home.



Fade Protection from the Sun

Over time, the sun fades furniture, rugs, hardwood floors and drapes in its path. But professionally installed Window Film blocks out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. This will prolong the life of your furniture and soft furnishings as well as make the home environment more comfortable for you and your family.

Keep temperature and glare under control

Residential window tinting reflects the hot sun in the summer and keeps you comfortable all year round and will deflect annoying glare while reading or watching television.

A protective barrier

Ordinary glass will break and splinter, but having window film on your windows can reduce the likelihood of injury because it helps hold fragments of shattered glass in place.

Easy to Maintain

Window films come with a durable surface that can be cleaned with most conventional methods of window cleaning.

A Wide Assortment of Films

Choose from a wide selection of solar control window films. From very light to very dark, from low reflectivity to high reflectivity, from neutral to a rainbow of colours. You can choose the film that is right for you.

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